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Webinar | March 2021

Going the Distance II: Remote Work Implications for State Income Tax Collections

Cody Allen

As a consequence of the ongoing pandemic, many individuals and businesses have implemented short- and long-term shifts to teleworking. As nine states - including three in the South - do not levy individual income taxes, this work-from-home transition has led to a sizeable virtual workforce whose employers may be located in a state with a very different income tax structure than the one in which employees now reside and work. This program examines how this transition may impact state income tax collections and also explores the arguments over a state income tax collections case – New Hampshire v. Massachusetts – pending petition before the U.S. Supreme Court.


Richard Cram, Director, National Nexus Program Mutlistate Tax Commission, Washington, D.C.
Mobile Workforce Legislation: An Analysis by the Multistate Tax Commission