Webinar | October 2020

Going the Distance: COVID-19 and Remote Work Implications for State Governments

Cody Allen

As a consequence of the ongoing pandemic and state public safety restrictions, many public sector employees who provide much needed services – often in direct response to the ongoing crisis – transitioned to remote work as a means to keep government and legislative services functioning. With economists projecting a more than $394 billion revenue shortfall for states through the end of Fiscal Year 2021, the cost savings of implementing a flexible remote workforce may lessen the impact of the economic downturn on state services, as well as allow for increased efficiency in operations. This program examines remote work arrangements and innovations in government operations during the current pandemic and how these telework arrangements may benefit government efficiency, and lower costs, in the short- and long-terms.


Byron Decoteau, Director, State Civil Service, Louisiana
Peter Heimbach, Director of Special Projects and Real Estate Asset Management, Department of General Services, Tennessee
Jennifer Murphy, Assistant Commissioner of Design, Construction, Facilities Management and Leasing, Department of General Services, Tennessee