Webinar | October 2020

Project-Based Learning: A Possible Solution to the Concerns of the COVID Classroom

Cody Allen

Across the region, policymakers at both the state and local level have worked to develop reopening and operating plans for K-12 schools that address health and safety concerns. While there are a variety of plans in place, many have focused on remote or hybrid learning schedules which have led to concerns surrounding student engagement and achievement. One possible solution is project-based learning, an active or inquiry-based learning method that encourages students to examine complex challenges or problems via intradisciplinary methods. By encouraging students to actively engage in real-world projects, this learning method may increase student engagement and reduce absenteeism – a critical concern when students are missing synchronous face-to-face interactions with educators. This program examines project-based learning and how it may increase student engagement in the current non-traditional academic environment.


Leslie Eaves, Program Director, Project-Based Learning, Southern Regional Education Board, Georgia