Webinar | September 2020

Alternative Payment Models in Healthcare

Roger Moore

To slow the growth of healthcare costs and improve outcomes for patients, many stakeholders are experimenting with alternative payment models (APMs), a relatively new approach to paying for medical care that financially rewards providers for delivering high-quality, cost-effective care. In contrast to traditional fee-for-service payment methods, which reimburse providers for each service or procedure performed, APMs are designed to incentivize a value-based approach that emphasizes quality over quantity.

This program features a presentation about the Pennsylvania Rural Health Model, an initiative designed to address the financial challenges faced by rural hospitals. Under the Rural Health Model, providers are reimbursed via global budget payments – an APM that offers a pre-determined amount, for a fixed period of time, for a specific patient population – to deliver care that aligns with community health needs. Pennsylvania is the first state in the country to design and implement an APM that is exclusively focused on rural hospitals.


Gary Zegiestowsky, Executive Director, Rural Health Redesign Center Authority, Pennsylvania
Janice Walters, Chief Operating Officer Consultant, Rural Health Redesign Authority, Pennsylvania