Webinar | October 2012

Higher Education Finance Reform

Jonathan Watts Hull

Many states have introduced performance measures into their higher education funding formulas to create institutional incentives to improve productivity. No state has moved further than Tennessee in rewriting its college funding system to facilitate the types of advances the state most wants to see. The Complete College Act in Tennessee rewarded institutions for graduation performance and recognized the different purposes of the institutions in the state to create a system that delivers results for the state’s investment in higher education.

Now viewed as a model for other states, the Complete College Tennessee Act established an outcomes-based model for higher education funding that strongly aligns resources with state interests.This webinar from the CSG Southern Office featured a discussion of the details of Tennessee’s novel higher education funding plan with its key architects.

  • Russ Deaton, Ph.D., associate executive director for Fiscal Policy and Administration, Tennessee Higher Education Commission
  • David Wright, chief policy officer, Tennessee Higher Education Commission

Higher Education Finance Reform

(from TN Higher Education Commission)
Authorizing Legislation

Complete College Tennessee Act of 2010

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