Webinar | March 2013

State Efforts to Enhance Medicaid Program Integrity

Jeremy Williams

The scope of Medicaid has broadened dramatically in recent years, a trend attributed to the expansion of eligibility guidelines, growth of the eligible population, increased utilization and a marked increase in the services covered. This expansion brings with it an increase in costs along with challenges related to service delivery and, correspondingly, the potential for fraud and abuse. Not only does the misuse of Medicaid funds result in the depletion of scarce resources, but it also prevents the direction of these resources to deliver high priority health care services to eligible Medicaid recipients. As states grapple with meeting these increasingly complex challenges, policymakers are devoting a great deal of time and resources to ensure that the misuse of scarce Medicaid resources is kept to a minimum. States are implementing a range of actions to ensure the most effective and efficient policies and tools are in place with regard to their Medicaid programs.

This webinar provided information on some of the specific strategies states are adopting or pursuing to improve the integrity of their Medicaid program at every level. Presenters will include officials with the State Health Care Spending Project of the Pew Center on the States, which recently created an online database containing hundreds of promising practices by state and federal Medicaid agencies. This online database, drawing on reports from the federal Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, contains an effective tool to help policymakers learn more about anti-fraud and abuse strategies used in specific states or at different stages the interactions of providers and patients with Medicaid. Policymakers from several states addressed the issue of specific measures enacted to enhance Medicaid program integrity in their states.

  • Matt McKillop, Senior Associate, State Health Care Spending Project, Pew Center on the States
  • Robert M. Finlayson III, Inspector General, Georgia Department of Community Health

State Efforts to Enhance Medicaid Program Integrity

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