Webinar | October 2013

Wind Pool Insurance: Strategies from SLC States

Sujit CanagaRetna

In recent years, states in the CSG-South area—as well as the nation as a whole—have been exposed to significant risks due to hurricanes and tornadoes. These immense storms have caused immeasurable damage in terms of the loss of human life and billions of dollars in economic costs. As a result, homeowners face the unenviable challenges of not only securing insurance for their homes and property in affected areas, but also dealing with steep premium increases. In response to this unfortunate development, a number of Southern states have devised measures to provide homeowners with wind pool insurance coverage at affordable rates.This webinar covered what some of these measures are, the broad trends associated with wind pool insurance, best practices and how international developments impact premiums here in the United States.


Representative Robert Damron, Kentucky House of Representatives


Professor David Marlett, Chair, Department of Finance, Banking and Insurance, Appalachian State University, North Carolina
Representative Stephen A. McMillan, Alabama
Representative Todd Hunter, Texas

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