Webinar | July 2014

In the Weeds: Exploring the Science around Medical Marijuana and the Operation of a State Program

Lauren Greer

While marijuana use for medicinal purposes has been on the legislative agenda in many states outside the Southern region for a number of years, Southern state legislatures only recently have begun to grapple with the complexities of the issue. Many Southern lawmakers cite stories of families with children suffering from severe seizure or muscular disorders as the impetus for the push toward some form of legalization. But for every family that puts a face on the issue, lawmakers are confronted with a plethora of questions about the science behind medical marijuana and about ways to implement a program in their state. This webinar offered a scientific perspective on marijuana for medical use and discussion on state medical marijuana programs.


Ryan Hurley, Rose Law Group, Arizona
Sue Rusche, President and CEO, National Families in Action
Suzanne Sisley, MD, Assistant Professor, Internal Medicine/Psychiatry, Arizona Telemedicine Program, University of Arizona College of Medicine

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