Webinar | December 2015

SLC State Pensions: Latest Developments

Sujit CanagaRetna

Public pensions continue to be one of the biggest fiscal challenges confronting state and local governments. Even before the onset of the Great Recession, many state and local government plans were struggling to meet their pension and retirement health care obligations. While the run-up in the equity markets in recent years might have alleviated some of the fiscal pressures faced by public sector pension plans, there continue to be major challenges ahead on this front. This webinar from the Southern Legislative Conference provided an overview of the latest state pension trends alongside presentations from two SLC states on the specific measures initiated to bolster the funding positions of their plans.


Douglas Offerman, Senior Director, U.S. Public Finance Department, Fitch Ratings
Representative Barry Ivey, Louisiana
Representative Stephen M. Ross, North Carolina

Archived Webinar