Policy Analysis | May 2011

Health Insurance Premiums of State Employees

State employee health insurance coverage policies vary widely in the SLC region. Therefore, a direct comparison of practices is unreliable. In order to accommodate for the discrepancies, the SLC collected state employee premium information for its 15 member states on a case-by-case basis. This information is available on the following table.

State Premiums Source
Alabama Link State Employee's Insurance Board
Arkansas Link Employee Benefits Division, Department of Finance & Administration
Florida Link Department of Management Services
Georgia Link Department of Community Health
Kentucky Link Personnel Cabinet
Louisiana Link Office of Group Benefits, Division of Administration, Office of the Governor
Mississippi Link Department of Finance & Administration
Missouri Link Missouri Consolidated Health Care Plan
North Carolina Link State Health Plan
Oklahoma Link Employees Benefits Council
South Carolina Link Employee Insurance Program, Budget and Control Board
Tennessee Link Department of Finance & Administration
Texas Link Employees Retirement System
Virginia Link Department of Human Resource Management
West Virginia Link Public Employees Insurance Agency