Policy Analysis | January 2008

Budgets and the Staff Sizes of Southern States' Ethics Commissions

Mikko Lindberg

Agency Members / Commissioners Staff (FTE) General Fund Appropriation (FY 2007)
Alabama Ethics Commission 5 (t) 13 (s) $1,373,223 (a)
Arkansas Ethics Commission 5 (u) 9 (b) $630,232 (b)
Florida Commission on Ethics 9 (v) 22.5 (v) $2,700,494 (c)
Georgia State Ethics Commission 5 (x) 19 (y) $1,606,602 (d)
Kentucky Executive Branch Ethics Commission 5 (aa) 6 (aa) $435,000 (e)
Kentucky Legislative Ethics Commission 9 (f) 5 (f) $377,200 (f)
Louisiana Ethics Administration 11 (bb) 18 (bb) $1,465,348 (g)
Maryland State Ethics Commission 5 (dd) 9 (cc) $612,201 (h)
Mississippi Ethics Commission 8 (ee) 8 (z) $556,049 (i)
Missouri Ethics Commission 6 (ff) 20 (j) $1,162,669 (j)
North Carolina State Ethics Commission * 8 (gg) 3 (k) $224,818 (k)
Oklahoma Ethics Commission 5 (hh) 7 (hh) $504,039 (l)
South Carolina State Ethics Commission 8 (ii) 11 (n) $472,824 (o)
Tennessee Ethics Commission 5 (jj) 7 (p) $469,100 (p)
Texas Ethics Commission 8 (kk) 35 (q) $1,714,085 (q)
West Virginia Ethics Commission 10 (ll) 5.5 (w) $700,000 (w)
Average 6.8 11.8 $937,743


* North Carolina's current staff size is 6, and their general fund appropriation for FY 2008 is $740,610. (m)

Virginia is not included in the table because it does not have an ethics commission


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