Policy Analysis | October 2010

State Authorized Gaming

Sujit CanagaRetna

  • Statistics and information sheets from the American Gaming Association (AGA) including a breakdown of the different kinds of gaming authorized in states; gaming laws in each state with a link to the specific regulating agency in the states; the latest gaming revenue data; 10-year gaming revenue trend (2009); tax payments by commercial casinos (2009); tax payments by racing casinos (2009); top 10 racetrack casino markets by annual revenue (2009); and top 20 casino markets by annual revenue (2009).
  • Recent gaming information and activity includes:

  • Florida omnibus gambling bill (SB622 from 2010; approved by Governor Crist on 4/28/10; Chapter No. 2010-29).
  • The New York Senate is working on an amendment to legalize commercial gambling.
  • The New Jersey Senate is working to re-energize the deteriorating gaming industry in that state, as outlined in this article.
  • State lottery sales and profits (2008) from the North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries (NASPL) and cumulative lottery contributions in the different states, also from NASPL.
  • State of the States ‐ cumulative report from AGA, has some interesting statistics and more in-depth coverage of all states with gaming.