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Comparative Data Reports | March 2021

Adult Correctional Systems, Education and Transportation

Comparative Data Reports (CDRs) are prepared annually by select SLC states’ fiscal research departments. These reports track revenue sources, appropriations levels, performance measures, and a multitude of other metrics in Southern states. A useful tool for legislators and legislative staff alike, CDRs are available for adult correctional systems, education, Medicaid, and transportation.

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Policy Analysis | March 2021

Spread of COVID-19 within Regions of the United States

Mikko Lindberg and Roger Moore

Over the course of a year, this SLC Policy Analysis tracked the proliferation of COVID-19 amongst The Council of State Government's four regions, using data collected and published by The COVID Tracking Project. On March 7, 2021, updates to the data hosted by the project were discontinued and, consequently, this analysis of the data on a regional basis was concluded.

A multitude of governmental, private and nonprofit research entities are closely monitoring the spread of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) – the novel coronavirus that causes coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19)1,2 – across the United States on city, county, state and national levels. Originally, at the outset of the pandemic, a limited amount of research existed for how the virus circulated on a regional basis.3

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Webinar | July 2020

Improving Outcomes for Youth in the Juvenile Justice System

Roger Moore

SLC Human Services & Public Safety Committee Virtual Program

Presiding Officer: Senator Katrina Shealy, South Carolina; Chair, SLC Human Services & Public Safety Committee

More than 30,000 youth are incarcerated in the United States each year, while another 350,000 are placed on probation. As youth in the juvenile justice system age, it is important for policymakers to ensure this population has the skills and knowledge necessary for future success. Unfortunately, youth in the justice system are more likely to face an array of obstacles compared to their peers, including a lack of math and reading proficiency; more frequent suspensions and expulsions from school; special education needs; and fewer employability skills. This program provides an overview of the national landscape related to juvenile justice improvement during the past decade, focusing on the shift from incarceration to community-based supervision and services, and provides effective measures that improve outcomes while balancing public safety.


Josh Weber, Deputy Division Director, Corrections and Reentry, The Council of State Governments Justice Center, Washington, D.C.


Katrina Shealy

South Carolina

Vice Chair
Representative Fredrick Love, Arkansas

Fredrick J. Love


Past Chair

(former) Senator
Doug Overbey


Roger Moore

Roger Moore
Senior Policy Analyst

Ensuring the public's general welfare and protection are among states' most pressing concerns, with both areas constituting considerable shares of state budgets. The SLC Human Services & Public Safety Committee has a broad agenda, which takes into account the challenges states face in the areas of human services and corrections, as well as policies and programs that address them. The committee frequently undertakes assessments of pressing health issues including the national opioid crisis, organ donations and long-term care, as well as various corrections issues such as aging inmate populations, female offenders and mental health parity in prisons.

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