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2001 Policy Positions
of the Southern Legislative Conference



The member states of the Southern Legislative Conference face increasing demands for reliable sources of energy. While it is important that the price levels for these energy sources are relatively stable, it is equally important that this energy demand is met while protecting the environment. Given that the United States has an incredible wealth of varied energy resources, it is imperative that a comprehensive national energy policy be devised to prevent over reliance on a single energy source. Over reliance on a single energy source has the potential to adversely affect the economy and the energy security of the entire nation. Hence, it is critical that this national energy policy takes advantage of the nation’s abundant, multiple energy sources heeding both environmental challenges and other constraints. Finally, it is important that this energy policy rely on the marketplace to ensure the diversity of energy supplies.


The Southern Legislative Conference of The Council of State Governments strongly urges Congress to enact a national energy policy that encourages and ensures a reliable and reasonably priced electric supply to meet the increasing demand for electricity; promotes the domestic production of energy sources to decrease dependence upon foreign sources of energy; encourages more funding for research and environmental technology development associated with domestic energy production, such as clean coal technology, renewable energy and infrastructure; advocates additional funding for states to implement new technologies; requests that federal environmental standards be based on sound science and subjected to quality risk and cost benefit analysis; and urges the federal government to provide states and local governments with greater flexibility to implement environmental regulations that impact energy sources.


Adopted by the Southern Legislative Conference, July 17, 2001, Savannah, Georgia

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