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2000 Policy Positions
of the Southern Legislative Conference



The Southern Legislative Conference has always promoted strong leadership development workshops and seminars for members and, since 1987, has sponsored continuing education for more than 85 Southern state elected officials through the Kenneth C. Royall, Jr. Scholarship Program. Further, the Conference has supported members and staff applying for selection to the Henry Toll Fellowship Program of The Council of State Governments.

The current pace, complexity and demands of service and work as a highly effective legislator appear to require attention to certain executive leadership skill that may involve self-assessment, communication, negotiation, problem-solving and policy and fiscal analysis. The Conference, therefore, believes that large numbers of legislators may wish to strengthen their executive leadership skills in a professional, practical and educational setting, designed expressly for legislators.


The Southern Legislative Conference resolves to continue to support executive leadership skills development for legislators in its 16 member states; to encourage strongly the development of educational opportunities and research directed toward skills development for legislative leadership; and to encourage all members of the Conference to seek out, develop, and strengthen the skills necessary for rendering the highest possible legislative service for our Southern state citizens.

Adopted by the Southern Legislative Conference, August 8, 2000, Biloxi, MS

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