June 12, 2013

National Conference Call on the 2013 Farm Bill | June 27, 11 am ET

A week after the Senate approved legislation for reauthorization of the Farm Bill, the House surprised most observers by rejecting its version of the legislation 195-234. The bill, which was expected to pass narrowly, drew opposition from both sides of the partisan divide for cuts to nutrition and other programs, either because the cuts were too large or not large enough. With the House bill dead, the path forward for reauthorization of the Farm Bill (which expires at the end of September) is unclear.
To sort out what happened and where Congress will go with this critical piece of legislation, join the regional offices of The Council of State Governments and the State Ag and Rural Leaders group for a second national conference call on the Farm Bill, Thursday, June 27, at 11 a.m. Eastern Time. To register, please email Hans Poschman at hposchman@csg.org for call-in information.