February 26, 2020

State Transformation in Action Recognition (STAR)

The CSG Southern Office is now accepting applications for its 2020 State Transformation in Action Recognition (STAR) award for innovative state government programs and services. The deadline for submitting your program for consideration is May 17, 2020.

Submissions are accepted from a wide array of state agencies, departments and institutions operating within the executive, legislative and judicial branches.

Following the first of a two-stage review process, five finalists are invited to present their program to the STAR judges panel — comprising state legislators, legislative staff and policy experts — convening August 4, at the 74th Annual Meeting of the Southern Legislative Conference in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. There, through the second review process, two exceptional programs will be selected as models of innovation and efficiency in state governments in the Southern region.

Apply now to compete for recognition as one of the South’s most exceptional state government programs!