SLC Delegation on Medical Marijuana Regulation
October 29-30, 2019 | Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Medical Marijuana Regulation

A delegation of legislators from the Southern Legislative Conference (SLC) traveled to Oklahoma City to study the state’s medical marijuana industry. Using Oklahoma as a case study, participants had an opportunity to learn about the challenges and opportunities that arise from the legalization, regulation and implementation of medical marijuana programs.

Participants received briefings about the 2018 ballot initiative and subsequent legislation that enabled the state’s medical marijuana program, as well as the regulations and licensure requirements that have been implemented to monitor the growth, distribution and usage of medical marijuana. Participants also learned about the impacts of medical marijuana legalization on the state’s agriculture sector and various challenges it poses for law enforcement agencies. Officials from the Legislature, Department of Health, Farm Bureau and Bureau of Narcotics briefed delegates on these issues.

Participants also had the opportunity to tour one of the state’s medical marijuana growing operations and processing facilities, followed by a visit to a medical marijuana dispensary, both in Guthrie. The sheriff of Logan County attended a luncheon with participants to share his perspective on Oklahoma’s medical marijuana program, how it can be improved in the future, and what other legislators can learn from the state’s experiences.

The delegation was hosted by Senator Casey Murdock, Oklahoma, acting chair of SLC’s Agriculture & Rural Development Committee. Delegation participants included Representative Danny Crawford, Alabama; Representative Micah Gravley, Georgia; Representative Richard Health, Kentucky; Senator Chuck Hall, Oklahoma; Representative Ron Travis, Tennessee; Senator Katrina Shealy, South Carolina, chair of SLC’s Human Services & Public Safety Committee; and Senator Danny Verdin, South Carolina, past chair of SLC’s Agriculture & Rural Development Committee.