3rd Americas 2020 Summit
Left to right: Senator Eliot Shapleigh, Texas; Senator David Wyatt, Arkansas; and Representative Karen Gaudet St. Germain, Louisiana
November 11-12, 2010 | Dallas, Texas
SLC Economic Development, Transportation & Cultural Affairs Committee Delegation

Americas 2020 Summit

A delegation of eight state legislators from Arkansas, Louisiana and Oklahoma, along with SLC staff, attended and provided speakers for the 3rd Americas 2020 Summit held on November 11-12, 2010, in Dallas, Texas. The Americas 2020 Summit brings together policymakers and transportation experts for presentations and discussions about expanding emerging trade corridors; improving mobility and security across international boundaries; and enhancing economic development and global competitiveness. The Americas 2020 Summit enables government and private sector stakeholders from the United States, Mexico and Canada to discuss and identify solutions to enhance the security and economic competitiveness of North America. The Summit also provides an opportunity to hear from expert panelists in the areas of border crossings, infrastructure competitiveness, and secure trade and manufacturing. Moreover, attendees are engaged in dynamic breakout sessions designed to promote dialogue and the identification of concrete solutions to establish a sustainable and competitive North America for the 21st Century. Click here for more information on the Americas 2020 Summit.