October 3, 2011 | Atlanta, Georgia
SLC Economic Development, Transportation & Cultural Affairs Committee Workshop

Creative Economy Workshop

The SLC, in collaboration with the Georgia Southern University, hosted a workshop on the creative economy for a select group of legislators from six Southern states earlier this week in Atlanta. The workshop, conducted at the Georgia Tech Conference Facility, was designed to bring together SLC state legislators and demonstrate how to think constructively and proactively about the creative economy. At a time when state arts agencies face unprecedented challenges in securing state and local government appropriations, along with funds from corporate and individual sources, the workshop focused on effective and optimal strategies available to state arts agencies and legislators to eventually generate broad-based, sustained economic growth. In a series of presentations and during the ensuing discussion, the workshop explored how states and localities might more effectively unleash the tremendous potential of creative and cultural forces to bring about impressive economic results.

Creative Economy in Denver, Colorado
Creative Economy as an Economic Driver

Senator John Unger II, West Virginia
Representative Lee Denney, Oklahoma
Senator Dan Newberry, Oklahoma
Representative Laura Hall, Alabama
Representative Mike Hagar, North Carolina
Representative Jared Brossett, Louisiana
Senator Jack Hill, Georgia

Dr. Brooks Keel, Georgia Southern University
Dr. Charles Patterson, Georgia Southern University
Russel Keen, Georgia Southern University
Lisa Bridges, Georgia Southern University
Ted Abernathy, Southern Growth Policies Board
Ginger White, City of Denver
Jeff Tobe, Speaker
Steven Weathers, Savannah Economic Development Authority
Jay Self, Savannah Film Commission
Karen Paty, Georgia Council for the Arts
Colleen Cousineau, Southern Legislative Conference
Sujit CanagaRetna, Southern Legislative Conference
Elizabeth Lewis, Southern Legislative Conference