October 21, 2015

Kentucky Legislature Welcomes New Legislative Research Commission Director

Legislative leadership in Kentucky recently announced the selection of Mr. David Byerman as director of the Kentucky Legislative Research Commission, effective October 1. As one of the largest centralized service agencies in the South, Mr. Byerman supervises around 400 legislative employees.1 Kentucky Senate President Robert Stivers, who chairs the Southern Legislative Conference, said of the thirty applicants, Mr. Byerman was the best fit for the position. 2
Mr. Byerman previously served as the secretary of the Senate of the Nevada Legislature, and received several awards for his outstanding work. In a recent op-ed3 on his approach to the directorship, Mr. Byerman writes, "Everything we do will be filtered through the prism of communication: We will strive to make the legislative process more accessible, more understandable and more relevant for the residents of Kentucky."
1. Panel recommends secretary of Nevada Senate to head Kentucky's legislative bureaucracy 2. Lawmakers Vote to Name David A. Byerman as Legislative Research Commission Director 3. David Byerman: New director of Legislative Research Commission ready to write new chapter