Colleen Cousineau

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Colleen Cousineau

Director, Southern Legislative Conference
Director, Southern Office of The Council of State Governments

Dear SLC Members and Colleagues,

While planning and executing the Annual Meeting of the Southern Legislative Conference (SLC) is a tremendous undertaking, both on the part of our Host State team and our staff, the majority of our resources throughout the year are dedicated to programs and services designed specifically for the needs of the legislature including, but not limited to, policy analysis, scholarly research, the development and implementation of leadership programs, policy study tours and issue fly-ins.

In the months ahead, regardless of where you are in your legislative sessions or in the execution of other legislative duties, please know that we are just an email or phone call away.  Regarding the legislative calendar, I hope you will look for the opportunity to visit with our staff when we are in your capitols.  During my 35 year-tenure with the organization, I find significant value in our face-to-face meetings during state visits. As a member-driven organization, frequent outreach to our 15 state legislatures allows us to gain a greater understanding of what policy issues are of paramount importance to our states and region.

The Southern region continues to grow and prosper, although a number of challenges remain – some a direct result of our robust growth, others a function of our urban-rural landscape – but none so divisive or intractable that deliberative and strategic policy initiatives cannot address. Our collaborative and region-specific approach to finding innovative solutions to the policy issues facing our legislatures has proven the most effective method of meeting these challenges.

During the course of the year, it is my hope the services and programs available to you through the Southern Office of The Council of State Governments, the Southern Legislative Conference, will serve as your best resource as you work to address public policy issues in your states.

We look forward to working with you in the months ahead, and hope you will join us in New Orleans, July 13 – 17, as the Louisiana Legislature hosts the 73rd Annual Meeting of the Southern Legislative Conference.


Colleen Cousineau