Colleen Cousineau

A message from

Colleen Cousineau

Director, Southern Legislative Conference
Director, Southern Office of The Council of State Governments

Dear Members, Staff and Friends,

If my more than three and a half decades of working with our Southern legislatures has proven anything to me, it is that when a crisis occurs – regardless of its origin – the leadership and experience of our elected officials in our state Capitols will keep us on course. Placed on the shoulders of the many, the difficult decisions that impact all of us have to be made and evaluated to ensure the eventual outcome is the most beneficial under the given circumstance.

As our legislative leaders grapple with today's constantly changing landscape and endeavor to prepare for the "new normal," they are acutely aware that charting a course through these turbulent times, with as little disruption as possible, is the only path forward.

Although the cancellation of our last two annual meetings is unprecedented, minimizing our ability to bring our members together, the SLC continues to work through its six standing committees and Executive Committee to provide the continuity of services our members rely upon.

During the months ahead, we will work to ensure our members have access to policy analysis that is timely and relevant, providing additional tools in the decision-making process. And, while in-person programs temporarily are postponed, we are committed to providing policymakers with opportunities to remain engaged with their colleagues throughout the region.

I believe that our 75th Anniversary Annual Meeting, hosted by the Tennessee General Assembly, and under the leadership of our SLC Chair, Speaker Cameron Sexton, and Tennessee Lieutenant Governor Randy McNally, July 10 – 14, 2021, in Nashville, will bring a renewed spirit of hope and, once again, provide an environment of fellowship so integral to the fabric of the SLC and the Southern region.

Thank you, as always, for your continued support of the SLC. 

With warmest regards, I am