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2021 Proposed Policy Positions

The following proposed policy position has been submitted for consideration by the SLC Economic Development, Transportation & Cultural Affairs Committee:


Per the rules of the Conference, as amended in Biloxi, Mississippi, on August 1, 2017:

"Each of the Conference’s six standing committees may adopt one policy position during the Annual Meeting, unless permission to adopt more than one policy position is granted by the Executive Committee. Only legislator members of the Conference may submit a proposed policy position. Proposed policy positions shall address a single topic and be received by the Conference’s regional director not less than 21 calendar days prior to the first day of the Annual Meeting. Proposed policy positions shall then be assigned and disseminated to one of the Conference’s relevant standing committees for review and action during the Annual Meeting. If a standing committee is assigned multiple proposed policy positions, only one may be adopted. Legislator sponsor(s) of a proposed policy position, or their designated legislator proxy, must be present to support the proposed policy position when it is considered by the standing committee; otherwise, the proposed policy position will be tabled. If approved by a Conference standing committee, the standing committee chair, or their designated legislator proxy, shall present the policy position to the Executive Committee at the final Executive Committee session. Unless otherwise stipulated, a policy position adopted by a standing committee shall become the policy of the Conference and sunset the first day of the following Annual Meeting. Policy positions may, as directed by the Executive Committee, be promptly disseminated to the appropriate state and/or federal government officials."

Additional information regarding the introduction, consideration and disposition of proposed policy positions of the Southern Legislative Conference at SLC annual meetings may be found here.