The 2019 SLC Annual Meeting has been cancelled due to Hurricane Barry.
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All Annual Meeting registrations will be automatically cancelled and refunded. Refunds will be processed in the coming weeks. If you paid via credit card, you will receive an updated receipt from our credit card processor,, when your refund is processed.


The Sheraton New Orleans will be cancelling all reservations booked under the SLC group block. You should receive a cancellation email from the Sheraton New Orleans. If you booked a room at another hotel, you must cancel your reservation.


Please contact your airline directly to cancel your flight. It is advised to do this before your flight was originally scheduled to take off. You may download a copy of the official cancellation statement from the SLC website to provide as documentation.

We appreciate your understanding

While we are saddened to share this news, we feel the well-being of our attendees is of paramount importance. We appreciate your patience as our staff work diligently on processing refunds.

You may contact with any questions, and our team will respond as promptly as possible.