Southern Legislative Conference

The Southern
Office of

The Council of State Governments

Staff of the 
Southern Office of The Council of State Governments
Southern Legislative Conference

Colleen Cousineau
Colleen Cousineau
SLC Director; Deputy Executive Director,
The Council of State Governments
Sujit CanagaRetna
Sujit M. CanagaRetna
Fiscal Policy Manager
Lori Moore
Lori Moore
Director of Operations & Programs
Mikko Lindberg
Mikko Lindberg
Senior Communications and Research Specialist
Anne Roberts Brody
Anne Roberts Brody
Policy Analyst
Roger Moore
Roger Moore
Policy Analyst
Nick Bowman
Nick Bowman
Publications and Research Associate
Neil Johnson
Neil Johnson
Operations Coordinator
Lily Schieber
Lily Schieber
Logistics & Administrative Coordinator

State Liaison Assignments

Each state is served by a staff member who is responsible for tracking that state's policy issues and legislative developments.


Staff Member

Alabama Nick Bowman
Arkansas Mikko Lindberg
Florida Mikko Lindberg
Georgia Anne Roberts Brody
Kentucky Mikko Lindberg
Louisiana Roger Moore
Mississippi Sujit M. CanagaRetna
Missouri Anne Roberts Brody
North Carolina Sujit M. CanagaRetna
Oklahoma Anne Roberts Brody
South Carolina Roger Moore
Tennessee Sujit M. CanagaRetna
Texas Roger Moore
Virginia Roger Moore
West Virginia Nick Bowman

Policy and Programs

The Southern Office of The Council of State Governments tracks a variety of issues and administers several programs across the Southern region.



Agriculture Anne Roberts Brody
Center for the Advancement of Leadership Skills (CALS) Lori Moore and Colleen Cousineau
Continuing Legal Education (CLE) Credits Roger Moore
Cultural Affairs Sujit M. CanagaRetna
Economic Development Sujit M. CanagaRetna
Education Roger Moore
Energy Anne Roberts Brody
Environment Anne Roberts Brody
Fiscal Affairs Sujit M. CanagaRetna
Government Operations Sujit M. CanagaRetna
Human Services Roger Moore
Legislative Service Agencies Nick Bowman
Public Safety Roger Moore
Rural Development Anne Roberts Brody
State Transformation in Action Recognition (STAR) Program Nick Bowman
Transportation Sujit M. CanagaRetna