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Services of the Southern Legislative Conference

Southern Office staff are available to answer research requests for state legislators, officials and staff in the legislative, executive and judicial branches of state government. In addition to the numerous forums, conferences and workshops convened by the SLC’s standing committees throughout the year, the Atlanta staff coordinate an array of programs and publications.


The staff of the Southern Office are available to answer questions on a wide variety of policy and practice areas. Whether it is national, regional, or state-specific, SLC and CSG policy research offers timely results from a source you trust. Call 404/633.1866 or e-mail your request to

SLC STAR Program

The SLC State Transformation in Action Recognition (STAR) program is a regional adaptation of the former CSG Innovations Awards Program. Since 1975, this initiative has identified best practices in state government and published them as models of efficiency and effectiveness to be emulated by state governments nationwide. SLC STAR program applications and guidelines are available to state officials from the Southern Office each spring; exemplary programs from a a wide array of state agencies, departments, and institutions operating within the executive, legislative, and judicial governmental branches are reviewed each year. Two programs from the South are selected as award winners and formally recognized at the annual meeting of the Southern Legislative Conference.

Legislative Hearing and Testimony

At the request of state legislatures, the Southern Office provides experts in any given field or specialty to testify before legislative committees in an attempt to provide a state-specific, regional and national focus on issues identified as important by lawmakers.

Georgia Council for International Visitors

When requested, the staff of the Southern Office meet with visiting policymakers, reporters, professionals, and bureaucrats from around the globe to provide briefings on American government and the U.S. federal system. Over the years SLC staff have exchanged views and information with numerous guests from Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America.

Rural Forum and the Rural Working Group

Recognizing the unique needs of rural areas and the importance of rural communities to the South, rural development has been a component of SLC programming for decades. Recently the Conference has expanded its activities in this area with extensive research and meetings that established the SLC as one of the premier rural development policy organizations in the country.

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