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Policymakers have vast amounts of information available to them at the click of a button, but only a limited amount of time to sift through it. Rely on the Southern Office of The Council of State Governments/Southern Legislative Conference to serve as your filter. As the only non-partisan organization serving all branches of state government, our organization provides timely and unbiased reports, issue briefs and inquiry services on a wide variety of issues. Our funding source, primarily that of the U.S. states and territories, ensures that our research and analysis is driven by policymakers’ needs. As an independent, policy-focused organization, you can depend on a product of the highest caliber.

How the "filter" works for you...


All of our research materials are available to all state elected officials at no charge through our Web site, State elected officials and staff in our 15 Southern states receive periodic mailings of our issue briefs, Regional Resources; and our Special Series Reports, which are in-depth, issue-specific reports of critical importance to the region.


The staff serving the Southern Office of The Council of State Governments/Southern Legislative Conference are an extension of your own staff and your own human resources. Through our Inquiry Service, you or your staff have access to policy staff year round to provide spot research on a variety of issues. All questions are welcome, with a wealth of state, regional and national data and policy information at your service. This is available via e-mail; by phone; through our Web site; or by fax.


Members of the six standing committees of the Southern Legislative Conference are appointed by the respective Senate and House presiding and appointing officers of each of the 15 Southern states. Appointees to the standing committees serve as a conduit for all legislators during the Annual Meeting. Concerns, ideas and contributions can be brought before a committee representing 30 legislative chambers for deliberation and discussion.


If you are an appointee to one of SLC’s standing committees, contact our staff when you need help on a policy issue; respond to surveys distributed periodically to committee members to express your interest or concern about an issue or trend; encourage your staff to utilize our services and products; and make a commitment to your SLC committee to participate whenever practicable.

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