Webinar | June 2013

States Act to Bolster Transportation Funding

Sujit CanagaRetna

While the federal government was unquestionably the dominant player in building the nation’s transportation infrastructure network for most of the last century, states now have taken a lead role in infrastructure projects. The federal fuel tax was last increased in 1993 and the Congressional Budget Office forecasts the Highway Trust Fund will be depleted sometime in 2015. Federal policymakers will have to either bail out the trust fund again or raise revenue by hiking taxes.

As the federal role in transportation infrastructure wanes, state policymakers have devised and pursued a range of options to restore and rebuild the nation’s infrastructure.  Dozens of states introduced, and sometimes enacted, a plethora of proposals in 2013—a particularly productive year for these state transportation funding initiatives. 

This complimentary SLC webinar featured the latest developments from several Southern states and provided an opportunity for webinar participants to learn more about some of these strategies. Participants were able to direct questions to the legislators that spearheaded these vital transportation reforms in their states.


Senator Bill Sample, Chair, Arkansas Senate Transportation, Technology and Legislative Affairs and Chair, SLC’s Economic Development, Transportation and Cultural Affairs Committee


Senator Jeff Mullis, Georgia
Senator Steve Gooch, Georgia
Senator Raymond E. Cleary, III, South Carolina
Jason Powell, Legislative Analyst, Senate Finance Committee, Virginia


The webinar recording can be viewed here and presentation slides are available here.