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Policy Analysis | June 4, 2013

What is the federal starting point for personal income taxation in the SLC member states?

Federal Starting Point for Personal Income Taxation in the SLC

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State Relation to Federal Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Federal Tax Base Used as Starting Point to Calculate State Taxable Income
Alabama None N/A
Arkansas None N/A
Florida No state income tax N/A
Georgia IRC of 1/1/2012 Adjusted gross income
Kentucky IRC of 12/31/2006 Adjusted gross income
Louisiana Current Adjusted gross income
Mississippi None N/A
Missouri Current Adjusted gross income
North Carolina IRC of 1/1/2012 Taxable income
Oklahoma Current Adjusted gross income
South Carolina IRC of 12/31/2011 Taxable income
Tennessee On interest & dividends only N/A
Texas No state income tax N/A
Virginia IRC of 12/31/2011 Adjusted gross income
West Virginia IRC of 12/31/2011 Adjusted gross income

Source: Federation of Tax Administrators