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About the
SLC Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting of the Southern Legislative Conference is the largest regional gathering of state legislators, legislative staff, policy experts, and governmental officials and is convened as the focal point and culmination of the SLC's yearly activities. Throughout the year, programs administered by the Southern Office and the SLC allow policymakers to share knowledge in their area of expertise with colleagues from across the South. By working together, through the forums created by the Southern Office and by participating in SLC standing committees, Southern state policymakers are able to speak in a distinctive, unified voice to address issues that affect their states and the entire region.

The meeting also provides policymakers with an opportunity to share their experiences with others facing similar issues across a broad spectrum of state government policy issues. Regional and national policy experts address an array of topics germane to the Conference's six standing committees, which serve as the foundation for policy discussions. In addition to the substantive programs, the Annual Meeting shines a spotlight on the Host State's year-long planning to accommodate members from across the region with special activities and events unique to both the host city and state.

Upcoming Annual Meetings of the Southern Legislative Conference

Mississippi SLC Annual Meeting Logo

July 21 - 25, 2018 | St. Louis, Missouri

The 72nd Annual Meeting of the Southern Legislative Conference will convene in The Show Me State, Missouri.


New Orleans, Louisiana

SLC Annual Meeting Format








Staff Workshop

Policy Programs

Policy Programs
Opening Plenary

Policy Programs
Closing Plenary



Executive Committee Session

Policy Programs

Policy Programs

Committee Technical Tours


Opening Reception

Family Night

Incoming Host State Reception

Reception and State Dinner

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