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70th Annual Meeting of the Southern Legislative Conference

July 9-13, 2016
Lexington, Kentucky

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2016 Proposed Policy Positions


Click here to view all 2016 Proposed Policy Positions as a packet.

SLC Rules require that all proposed policy positions be submitted by a legislative member of the Southern Legislative Conference a minimum of 21 calendar days in advance of the Annual Meeting. For 2016, all proposed policy positions must be received in the Atlanta office by June 17.

Guidelines for the Introduction, Consideration and Disposition of Proposed Policy Positions of the Southern Legislative Conference at SLC Annual Meetings

Members of the Southern Legislative Conference (SLC) of The Council of State Governments (CSG) may wish to articulate specific positions, endorse specific policy practices, or comment on specific federal actions as they relate to the states. Such actions are permitted by the Rules of the Southern Legislative Conference of The Council of State Governments and by these guidelines as maintained by the SLC Executive Committee.

SLC Policy Positions reflect a regional consensus not found in other parts of the country and give the SLC a voice in Washington and elsewhere on many issues of both regional and national urgency. Unless otherwise stipulated, all Policy Positions adopted by the Conference sunset the first day of the following Annual Meeting.

Proposed Policy Positions are available on the SLC website before the start of the Annual Meeting and printed copies are available at Annual Meeting registration on opening day.

Proposed Policy Positions Criteria

Proposed Policy Positions should:

  • Have a regional and/or national focus;
  • Address a timely and pressing issue that affects a majority of the SLC member states;
  • Be directed toward Congress, the administration, federal courts, or state agencies and/or officials;
  • Be in response to pending or potential state or federal action;
  • Promote state sovereignty and protect the role of the states in our federal system; and
  • Take into consideration the actions and/or policies of other state and local government associations.

Required Format for Proposed Policy Positions

Proposed Policy Positions submitted for consideration by SLC must contain the following information:

  • Background information and/or legislative history of the issue addressed by the proposed Policy Position.
  • Recommendation(s) detailing the primary points raised by the proposed Policy Position, directions for action on federal or state level, and instructions on intended recipients for communication of the proposed Policy Position.

Proposed Policy Positions also should follow the general formatting guidelines of:

  • Font: 11-point Times New Roman
  • Paragraph line spacing: 1.1 lines
  • Page margins: top 1” left 1” right 1” bottom 0.5”
  • Each proposed Policy Position must identify the legislative sponsor. This should be done on the bottom of the last page in 10-point Times New Roman.
  • Background and Recommendation(s) section headers must be CAPITALIZED.
  • Recommendation(s) must begin with identification of the organization as “The Southern Legislative Conference of The Council of State Governments.”
  • Final paragraph of Recommendation(s) section must identify recipients in the same format as previously adopted Policy Positions.

Please see previously adopted SLC Policy Positions for clear examples of appropriate formatting for proposed Policy Positions.

Introduction, Consideration and Disposition of Proposed Policy Positions

  • All proposed Policy Positions must be sponsored by a legislator and must be received by the Conference’s regional director not less than 21 calendar days prior to the first day of the Annual Meeting.

Each proposed Policy Position is assigned to one of the Conference’s standing committees for review and action at the Annual Meeting. The sponsoring legislator brings a pre-filed proposed Policy Position to the committee under whose purview the subject matter is most appropriate and requests that the committee adopt the proposed Policy Position. 

  • If the standing committee adopts a proposed Policy Position, it is then forwarded to the Policy Positions Committee for consideration and disposition.  Such Policy Positions are considered “proposed” because they have not been adopted by the full Conference and, therefore, represent only the position of an individual legislator or committee.

SLC Policy Positions Committee

The Policy Positions Committee is an ad hoc committee appointed by the Conference chair during the opening session of the SLC Executive Committee on the first day of each Annual Meeting. Committee membership comprises one member from each state represented at the Annual Meeting, and the vice chair of the Southern Legislative Conference may be appointed to serve as chair of the Committee.

Prior to the start of the Policy Positions Committee’s deliberations, the chair of the Committee asks for a motion to allow SLC staff to correct for spelling and clarity. During the Policy Positions Committee meeting, attendees may not approach the table or confer with Policy Positions Committee members during deliberations. Only the legislator sponsor(s) and the chair of the SLC standing committee that adopted the proposed Policy Positions can be called upon to support or clarify issues raised by members of the Policy Positions Committee. Legislator sponsor(s) of proposed Policy Positions are encouraged to be present during the deliberations of the Policy Positions Committee. 

The Policy Positions Committee may not amend any proposed Policy Position; however, the Committee may take the following action(s):

  • A proposed Policy Position may be forwarded to the full Conference;
  • A proposed Policy Position may be referred back to the original sponsor or committee for further discussion or amendment and brought to the Policy Positions Committee of the following Annual Meeting;
  • A proposed Policy Position may be referred to another committee for further discussion or amendment and brought to the Policy Positions Committee of the following Annual Meeting;
  • A proposed Policy Position may be disapproved or tabled.

Upon review and disposition of all proposed Policy Positions, the proposed Policy Positions approved by the Policy Positions Committee are distributed at the closing plenary and business session, to be voted on by the full Conference. A voice vote for or against the proposed Policy Positions — generally considered as a slate — is called after the report of the Policy Positions Committee.

Policy Position Assistance

SLC’s professional staff members are available to assist with the Policy Position process and answer questions about specific policy areas.

Issue Area Staff Liaison
General Questions Mikko Lindberg
Agriculture Anne Roberts Brody
Cultural Affairs Sujit M. CanagaRetna
Economic Development Sujit M. CanagaRetna
Education Mikko Lindberg
Energy Anne Roberts Brody
Environment Anne Roberts Brody
Fiscal Affairs Sujit M. CanagaRetna
Government Operations Sujit M. CanagaRetna
Human Services Roger Moore
Public Safety Roger Moore
Rural Development Anne Roberts Brody
Transportation Sujit M. CanagaRetna

Introduction of a Policy Position between Annual Meetings

During the interim between Annual Meetings, a proposed Policy Position submitted by a legislator member of the Conference of an emergency nature, as determined by the chair, shall be transmitted promptly by Conference staff to all of the members of the appropriate Conference committee as determined by the chair and to the Executive Committee. Voting is conducted in accordance with SLC Rule XI, Section 2: Interim Procedure.

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