Southern Legislative Conference | Serving the South

The Southern
Office of

The Council of State Governments


Marty Garrity, Director,
Bureau of Legislative Research, Arkansas

Chair, SLC Legislative Service Agency (LSA) Directors Group, 2014-15

Group Liaison

Anne Roberts
Policy Analyst

Legislative Service Agency (LSA) Directors Group

Throughout its 57-year history, the SLC has encouraged regional cooperation and networking among key legislative staff members in the South. Currently, the Conference’s LSA Directors Group comprises the staff executives charged with the full range of administrative and programmatic services for the legislative bodies in the 15 Southern states. The LSA Directors meet twice annually to share knowledge and insights on legislative staffing operations. Frequently, an LSA Directors’ meeting will include presentations on, and analysis of, the disparate bill drafting and information management systems employed by the legislatures in their respective states. The Directors’ program agendas have focused on open meeting and open records provisions; state legislative committee structures and staffing patterns; state redistricting initiatives, homeland defense, legislative personnel policies, and Freedom of Information in a legislative agency.

Each year the LSA Directors present the Carter/Hellard Staff Excellence Award to a legislative staff member in the South who has demonstrated distinguished service to their state’s legislature.