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The Council of State Governments


Senator Dan Soucek, North Carolina
Presiding Officer, 2012-13

Task Force Liaison

Lori Moore
SLC Program Manager

Gulf Coast & Atlantic States Regional Task Force

The mission of the Gulf Coast & Atlantic States Regional Task Force is to provide a more comprehensive understanding of the importance of the Southern Coastal region to the country, its demographic and labor issues, economic drivers and the ability of its governments to respond effectively before, during, and after disasters. Comprised of state legislators, emergency management officials and key staff from the executive branch in the states that form the Gulf Coast and Atlantic Coast,the Task Force seeks to:

  • examine specific outcomes that address emergency preparedness, both pre/post- disaster;
  • develop a closer working network between the legislative and executive branches of government when responding to state emergencies;
  • explore and develop mechanisms related to pre/post-bid disaster contracts procedures, both at the state and federal level; and
  • determine post-event policy guidelines that minimize future risk from disasters.

Through panel discussions and presentations, the Task Force has examined sustainable community programs, disaster medicine, coastal erosion, disaster management in the private sector, and the Deep Horizon Oil Spill.