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William E. "Bill" Sandifer III, South Carolina
Chair, SLC Energy & Environment Committee, 2014-15

Representative Lynn Smith, Georgia
Vice Chair, SLC Energy & Environment Committee, 2014-15

Representative Danny Altes, Arkansas
Immediate Past Chair, SLC Energy & Environment Committee

Committee Liaison

Anne Roberts
Policy Analyst

Energy & Environment Committee

Southern states have abundant natural resources which have been instrumental in the recent growth and development throughout the region. In sustaining economic development, meeting growing energy needs, and maintaining the South’s high quality of life, states are increasingly recognizing the need to forge Energy & Environmental policies that ensure sound stewardship of the region’s resources and the economy of the region as a whole. Through panel discussions and presentations, the Committee has studied clean water programs and water permitting; alternative energy; the federal Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP); state compliance with federal clean air and water standards; the future for nuclear power; the role of merchant power plants; the ramifications of deregulation on Southern states; growth and sprawl; and surveyed recent legislative and state public utility activity.


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