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Senator John Unger II, West Virginia
Chair, SLC Education Committee, 2014-15

Senator Dolores Gresham, Tennessee
Vice Chair, SLC Education Committee, 2014-15

Representative Sara Thomas, Mississippi
Immediate Past Chair, SLC Education Committee

Committee Liaison

Mikko Lindberg
SLC Policy Analyst

Education Committee

In most states, education is the single largest expenditure and often the top priority for lawmakers and their constituents. The Education Committee focuses on educational systems at all levels and investigates ways in which states are ensuring that Southern students receive the best possible education. Recent issues investigated by the Committee include autism and schools, reforming student assessments, higher education alignment, educational technology, and teacher compensation.

Other issues in which the Committee has long-standing interest include the No Child Left Behind Act; early childhood education; reinventing high schools; school accountability; school financing; creating a P-16 education system; educational assessment; recruiting, training and retaining teachers; and school safety. The Committee also has addressed ways that states can slow the increase in administrative spending for education programs without sacrificing quality, and the international implications for building a world-class education system in the United States to assure the nation’s competitiveness with a quality, well-equipped workforce for the future.


SLC 67th Annual Meeting
Mobile, Alabama
July 27-31, 2013

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Southern Education Notes on the issues

Alabama Report on School Violence

Safety in schools and reducing school violence are principal concerns of the SLC Education Committee. In the interest of sharing resources from across the region, the final report of the Alabama Joint Interim Legislative Committee on School Violence is available here.

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